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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson in Missouri

Made in Missouri!-General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
(Hollywood V. Higginbotham)
Move over Stephen Lang! There's a new Jackson in town! His name is Higginbotham-Greg Higginbotham!
A veteren reenactor from the "Show-Me" State, Greg Higginbotham shows off his impression of the famous beloved Southern General. Matching the legends exact height and weight, Gregs' uncanny resemblence to Jackson far exceeds that of Hollywoods' "Gods and Generals" version. Of course that is just our opinion.We mean no disrespect to Mr. Lang as he is an outstanding actor and portrayed the General with a great passion and performance. However, Greg proves that us Midwestern folks can stand up to any of Hollywood's best. Please view and compare all the photos here and fill out the poll to let us know if you agree or not.
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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
Greg Higginbotham Stephen Lang

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If you know of any other reenactors

that portray Stonewall Jackson that would give these guys a run for their money, please let us know. We would need to have photos similiar to the ones shown here. Send the photos and information about the reenactor  to Thank you very much!

Midwest Civil War was hired by Nationally known New York based Civil War Artist-Ron Lesser to provide photographic references for his latest Jackson painting. Greg Higginbotham was chosen to portray Jackson and his likeness was used in the final painting. Pictured Below, Greg endured the intense Missouri humidity and over 100 degree temperatures during the August 2003 photo shoot at the Battle of Lone Jack Reenactment.
Below is the Final Painting
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